Your Final Score

Let’s Review the Scavenger Hunt Rules:

After you have visited and explored each business you were to answer 4 questions about that business venture. To win the prize you need to get AT LEAST 2 answers correct out of each four questions.

You also needed to sign up for one business, and one tool, to win the e-book, “40 Online Business Ideas for You!

Just in case you get discouraged and feel too overwhelmed with all you will be learning here, I will give you one concession: If you should fail to win the e-book, I will give you a chance at the end to go to a page where you can buy it.

Whether you win it or buy it, in the end you WILL get to see all the ideas from # 1 to 40! I promise!

Here is where you get your BIG POINTS!

You get an extra 50 points (each) if you signed up for any of these program. If you haven’t already done so, you can click on their names and go back to do that. You will need to enter your NEW referral URL here in the questionaire as proof, so I can check, and you can get your prize.

However, I warn you that signing up for everything at once will put you on overload, and you may break under the load! Keep a cool head while you examine all of the options. Then take time to think things through and to pray for wisdom.

This quiz is for logged in users only.

So, at least 50% on the quizzes, sign up for one business, and TrafficWave, the TOOL you need for any business. That’s what it takes to win! Got those?

That means you Qualify for the ebook and you will soon find an email in your inbox with the download link.40 Online Business Ideas (cover)

If you do not win you may go HERE to buy the e-book, 40 Online Business Ideas!

If you haven’t received my email yet with your final score, OR, if you want to confirm your total score, write to me via email – (the one from ScavengerHunt). This will allow me to double-check in case I’ve missed anything, and then, if you WIN – I’ll send you the e-Book!

I’ll also add you to my eAction LIST so you can get my mini-course by email to help you get your business up and running and paying you a profit!

Thank you ever so much for playing this Scavenger Hunt with me!


Ruth Marlene Friesen

P.S. I check at least once or twice a day in the database to see who has done which quizzes and what your scores are. I also go around to check the various businesses to see who has signed up.

You will likely need some guidance and help along the way, and that is what the eAction Mailing list will provide you. If you don’t remember signing up for that, please do so right here and now! eAction LIST signup.

If you didn’t win the e-book prize, you don’t want to do the quiz over, (or perhaps are afraid to sign up for anything), you can still BUY the e-book, “40 Online Business Ideas for You” if you really want it. 🙂