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6 Ways Creative People can Make Money for Free Online

6 Ways Creative People can Make Money Online

If you are not afraid of some work, and you are somewhat creative, there are ways you can make money for free online.

Of course, you can still go get an ordinary physical job, put in the hours, and get paid, and if you can manage to make above your living expenses, you may have funds for those online businesses that require some investment up front. However, if you are impatient to be active online, learning eCommerce details, or whatever, there are websites online that do not charge you for the services that you can use to make a small to decent income.

1. Print-on-Demand Store

The first such idea is Print-on-Demand. If you have some artistic skills, or can create an image with vivid text, a number of sites will allow you to upload your graphic designs, decide whether you see those on t-shirts, caps, mugs, bags, and so on. In most cases, these sites allow you to set up a store-page to show off your designs, but if they are good designs, the host website will also recommend them to their general customer population. The website will take a portion of the price of each item to cover their expense for making them ‘on demand’ (that is, as soon as the order comes in). You get a commission or the rest of the price as your income!

purple T-shirt with hamburger "My Language @ lunch"If you make an effort to drive visitors to your store page, perhaps through social media posts, and if your designs become popular, you can make a decent income. If you ignore this effort, your income will be much less – maybe even discouraging.

I will name some of these sites here, but I recommend that you google and research them, and decide which ones offer the plan that works best for you. In all these cases, the production company also handles the shipping to your customers, so all you have to worry about is the artwork, and sending potential buyers to the site.

CafePress – was the first such service I heard about years ago. Mostly, those who already had a website or blog, would link to their Products page on CafePress, and that way drive customers to buy their products. A visit now, surprised me when I saw the broad range of their products, and that there are over 5 million offered on that site. That means it would be harder to stand out there. The prices seem high to me, but you get 5-10% of those prices for your merchandise. I would do some comparison shopping first.

RedBubble – is a new discovery to me, but seems to be the most popular. It was founded in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia, and has offices in San Francisco, and Berlin. It is a global market place for print-on-demand products based on user-submitted artwork. Apparently, 700,000 creative folks around the world are selling on RedBubble! Their designs go on stickers, t-shirts, wall art, clothing and posters.

Zazzle – does the same thing, and has become more popular than CafePress. Probably because it allows you to set your own commission percentage, usually from 10% to 20% above the base price that Zazzle takes for making the products. (You have to be careful then not to price the items so high customers will not want to buy).

Printify – and Printful – are two more websites with a transparent print-on-demand platform, working with many print providers all around the world. It seems they even have apps to connect with Shopify or Amazon so you can sell your designs on products there.

Society6 – is yet another such a service site for graphic artists turning to eCommerce in an easy way.

TeeSpring – focuses on mainly t-shirts, but operates much the same as the ones above. Some brag that their niche t-shirts, bring them about $18,000/month. One gal on Youtube says that 5 t-shirts earned her $100,000!

Another idea which could be applied to all the above, is to open a free Merchant account on Amazon and/or eBay, listing your unique designed products with photos, and if you can get sales, go for a 50% markup! As soon as you make a sale there, you need to hurry over to your print-on-demand site and purchase that item, giving your customer’s name and address for where to ship it. Depending on how popular your designed products become, you could get to be quite busy completing these transactions. Or maybe not? Some say that you can get a t-shirt for $13, and sell it for $26.

By the way, I’ve found a blog article where the writer describes her adventures as she tried out five of these print-on-demand sites, and
the pros and cons she discovered. It would be helpful for you to read Ray’s Journey.

You are not impressed?

Well then, what other skills do you have? You may be so used to doing something, even for free when your friends ask, that you don’t recognize it as a marketable skill. Do you;

Easily solve computer problems or install programs?

Make crafts and can demonstrate the steps on a video?

Bake yummy desserts or wholesome crockpots full of food for a crowd?

Take great photos? Or know how to photoshop them?

Make funny videos with your dog or cat?

Handle secretarial office skills?

And so on and on…. You may need your family or friends to help you define what skills you have that come so easily to you, you usually take them for granted. Then go online and see where you can share them in a way that you get paid.

2. Teach your Skill in a Video (or powerpoint) Course

For instance, you can make a video to demonstrate and teach your skill and upload it to the Skill Share Video site, or on Udemy. Name your price for the mini-course, the sites will add on a markup for themselves and send you your commission when someone takes your mini-course.

3. Set up a YouTube Channel to share Videos

You could also open up a YouTube channel, (no charge), regularly share your videos, and if you allow ads on the videos, you can make commissions from those when viewers click on the ad.

4. Sell your Photos on a Photography Supply Site

If take great photos, you can enter them on sites like Shutterstock (and many others!) and be paid whenever someone decided to download and use your photo.

5. Freelance your Skills and Services

Other sites like,,,,,,,, and, allow you to post a resume of your skills, and when someone needs that kind of contract work, they may contact you and pay you to do “your thing” for them.

This is getting to be a long article, right?

Let me name just one more and then we’ll say it is enough to keep you busy making money for a while.

6. Rent out Ad space as an Instagram Influencer

You can be an Instagram Influencer at no cost, and it is possible to make $26,000. How? Set up your own Instagram account and start posting interesting images, and comments that will appeal to a large niche of like-minded people. Once you become quite popular, others who are trying to have their website or business noticed will contact you and ask what you charge to mention their business or website on your Instagram account. Name your price. (You may want to research first to see what is fair and reasonable). Make the deal, get paid, and put out the post. See? As an Influencer you have just helped someone with a favour (mini-ad) and brought them to the attention of your host of followers.

A creative person doesn’t have to have business degree to make money online. Not even to be so great at bookkeeping. If you look around to see what others are doing, think honestly about your skills, and are willing to add a few more, you can make some easy money online.

Thousands of others do; why not you?

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