Many Types of Online Businesses

just a few of MANY Online Business Ideas

Just a few of MANY Online Business Ideas

If you are considering getting into an online business, especially if you’ve got some years of experience under your belt, and you are not afraid to try new things, you might be wondering what exactly is the right type of online business for YOU.

Do a Google search; you will easily come up with at least two dozen types of online businesses. If none of those ring your bell, you could always create a new, original business idea of your own. The internet connects globally, meaning your market can be any segment of billions of people world-wide.

Let’s agree that the word, “business” implies the exchange of something you have for money from other people. The next question is, what do you have to offer? That will allow us to divide the options into products or services that you would sell.

Products can be things you have created and produced – ie, crafts, foods, information in books or other digital formats. You can also sell your skills and services, such as marketing products/services for others as an affiliate, recommending them from your blog or videos or an information website. You can obtain products from factories or wholesalers, and sell them from your own eCommerce site, even by dropshipping directly from the factory to your customers. (Thus avoiding any packing and shipping work).

If you have already learned certain business skills the hard, slow way, you can offer consulting and coaching services, or some training course, usually served up by video series, but some do one on one consulting via phone or other digital methods. If you have good speaking skills, you can set up a podcasting (audio) channel, or a YouTube (video) channel to share your knowledge. Yes, there are people charging handsome sums for their knowledge that way. Like a $1000 or more per person, per webinar! Of course, you have to know how to attract your audience to yourself, and convince them that your knowledge is worth what you want to charge.

Some people, including teens, have such a large following on their social media platform that they charge an “Influencer” fee just to mention someone and their business on their account. Often their large following will click the link and go visit and discover the advertiser’s site. Some of those Influencers charge thousands of dollars for the mere mention of a business or offer that has appeal.

There are those who feel they have enough information and mentoring skills that they can open up a membership site, and charge them a monthly fee. Of course, they need to keep putting out good content or training materials for those members or they will drift away.

Perhaps you have plenty of experience as a secretary or the new term, Administrative Assistant. Do you realize how many brand new business owners online have ZERO training or experience in running their business, and taking care of the nitty-gritty details such record-keeping, bookkeeping, dealing with customer support and correspondence – even from fans and wannabes? They don’t always realize it right away but sooner or later, if they want to keep their business running, they will need to hire a virtual assistant to look after those routine office duties for them. My cousin and his wife, both do this and each have several clients that they provide such service for – all from their own apartment. If such work appeals to you, and a “service job” kind of business suits you best, then you should have no problem keeping as busy as you would like to be.

There are others who have mastered the art of posting wisely on various social media platforms in a way that promotes a business. This may be an old figure, but I’ve heard that some charge $500/a month to do this on behalf of others, and because they know how to organize their time, they may have half a dozen clients. Of course they need to be trusted with the login information for the clients’ accounts, so they can post as if they are that business owner. They also need to be kept informed about each business and what the owners want the world to know about them, and what they offer.

One more service that I’m aware of but I don’t personally know anyone that is offering it, is to be a personal shopper for clients. This might mean shopping for groceries for shut-ins or the handicapped. It could also mean shopping online for people too busy to research and find the best deals. The rich might pay a staff person to do this, but there are others who would pay for this on an occasional basis, and if you armed yourself with discounts and online rebates, as well as a good record-keeping system, I think this could be a unique and viable service. (If you have satisfied clients they will tell their friends about you!)

So far we have seen that you can sell hard goods, digital goods, and also your knowledge and skills online. I should add that some skills that are much in demand are such as designing websites, graphics, videos, and even software or apps for smart phones. Photo collection sites pay fairly good money for sharp photos in all kind of categories.

Even multi-level marketing (MLM) has gone online. However, those who still go by the old methods of recruiting downline members find it hard – until they discover Attraction Marketing! Then they can sell products and sign up new people to work on their team with amazing results. I’ve heard some fantastic testimonials from people who were discouraged with the old, “approach everyone within 3 feet” and “keep going for No! until you get a Yes!” methods. MLSP has been running some thrilling 5 day challenges where people are taught to go for YES in their social media Attraction Marketing tactics, and they have tremendous breakthroughs in just hours and days!

Betting is still illegal, but I am aware of some places where it is treated like investing, which is legal, and those who rush in find that they are getting fantastic returns. (Like 20 -30 times their investment!) I’m rather nervous about that myself, but am keeping an eye on it.

Do none of the above trigger an Ah-ha! moment for you?

So much depends on what kind of person you are, the experiences and training you have, or the connections with the right contacts, but what about inventing your own original business idea?

Go look up the upcoming trends and technologies. Ask yourself what kind of shift in needs or vacuums such changes will bring. Do you have any ideas for meeting those changes, and filling the gaps those new things will create?

Is there something that bothers you a lot? What invention or new business service could turn that situation around, making it better, not only for you, but everyone else who is irked or disappointed in that matter?

Is there an industry that seems to be blind to something they should be providing? What would turn that industry on it’s ear and make it boom with growth and popularity? Could your provide that, or organize others to do so?

Is there some product or prescription drug that is awfully expensive; what if you could create or outsource the creation of a much cheaper version?

When people whine and complain about businesses or the services they get – why not stop and REALLY listen to them? Maybe they have a point, and you could think of a way to do that much better, or clear up the problem?

What if you discover a good product online, but it is not available in your country, or some other country (countries) that you care about? Is it in your power to arrange for the import or export of that product and sell it where it is needed?

That’s a lot of questions, but I hope they stir up your imagination and creativity to work out solutions that you can see yourself bringing into being. You are very likely to be rewarded with much good will from others, but also to profit and benefit financially from your careful thinking and planning your own ACTIONS.

Look for the “Big Picture” and how you can step into it!

Say, have you tried my Scavenger Hunt? It turns the exploring of some business ideas into a game with 4 quiz questions after each of 6 or 7 businesses you visit with a Guide who explains what you would do if you signed up to that business. If you meet all the requirements you win an e-book with “40 Online Business Ideas.”

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