Can Baby Boomers Do Business Online?

Can Baby Boomers Do Business Online?

Can Baby Boomers Do Business Online?

Can Baby Boomers Do Business Online?

That question indicates a lack of knowledge about Baby Boomers! Personally, I KNOW that Baby Boomers can do business online. I stand as my own testimonial.

Allow me to introduce them to you. Boomers were born between 1946 to 1964. They are now ages 56 to 74, and yes that also classifies them as senior citizens. Some of them have poor health, and some have even gone senile. But NOT ALL, by a long-shot! However, there are many different features that make them the most savvy, experienced, and wealthiest demographic on the face of the earth. You are much wiser not to ignore them or write them off. If you do, you will cut your nose off to spite your face.

Baby Boomer have lots of life

Baby Boomer have lots of life!(Rudy Anderson – Pixaby)

Baby Boomers are experienced in life, some are retired, (that is, they’ve given up on active living), but most of them are alert, and savvy online and often very busy in their second or third career. They are quite capable and willing to learn new skills, their minds are sharp and lots of them have taken on the online business world. In fact, if you take a closer look at the top business leaders online you will be surprised to see that most of them are seniors, or Baby Boomers. (They are not very fussy about claiming labels like that; they have business goals and press on as if they will never die). There are business leaders and tycoons who are Millennials – but not as many as there are Boomers!

So if you want learn from these Boomers or do business with them, what do you need to keep in mind?

Their values are important to them. Those values include;
Keep your promises. For they do.
Focus on customer service. They see that as vital to a good business.
Provide online resources. Boomers see that as a given for good business.
Encourage online purchasing. Once a boomer has caught on to online shopping – it is often only a matter of time until they are making online sales!

So what are the best ways to connect with Boomers?

My Dad was afraid of computers and often told visitors that he never touched mine, yet people were always bringing him things to repair, whether shoes, hockey equipment, or motors that had quit. I watched him stare at a problem until he had an idea and he would figure out how to fix it. I never invited him to explore my computer for fear I wouldn’t be able to restore it afterward, but I’m pretty sure if I had given him a broken one he would have fussed and fiddled with it until he got it humming nicely.

In the 1990s I would hear older people who were grandparents crow that they had figured out emails and even how to open photos and attachments that their grandchildren sent them. Usually, they thought that was the most they could learn.

Now I have not heard that in more than a decade. But I meet Boomers on Facebook; I see online articles and blogs written by them, and some even have websites and are selling things online. They may be slower to take up new things, but once they see a good reason to do so, they will teach themselves computers and digital skills.

You will see some tapping away on a cell phone, but I’ve met a number who, like me, prefer a computer with a large monitor.

Baby Boomers take their time when deciding to buy anything, including electronic devices. Don’t expect them to make impulsive decisions. They will research and ponder the pros and cons for a few days, then come back and make their purchase. Please respect them for that. You can help by providing plenty of information about the product you are offering. They want to understand it well, and feel that you have given them the truth.

A personal pet peeve of mine, which may apply to many Boomers, is when someone expects me to buy on impulse and that they don’t need to describe any features – just how rich and admired that product will make me feel (that’s conventional marketing philosophy and teaching). Perhaps a few do, but if you’re dealing with mature, wise Boomers – we want the facts, please!

Try to understand what makes us laugh. We are not giddy children. Remember, we are mature, experienced, and thinking people.

The best online marketing channel is search engines. Second is emails. When we want something we know how to look for it in the search engines. Frantic action ads do not appeal to us.

We don’t totally ignore social media. Sometimes we use it for our own purposes, but we also recognize a lot of fluff and feathers there, and it makes us tired. Sort of like wandering through a Fair, and having all kinds of hawkers screeching at us. We reach a point where we just want to go home to our peace and quiet.

However, avoid even hinting that we are “old” or “elderly”. Oh yes, some resign themselves and wear that label like a comfortable old cap or sweater, but most Boomers I know are quite nimble at playing tag and not letting “old” tag them and take them captive.

How long are Boomers going to live?
Their average life expectancy is 79 years, but many are going strong in their 80s and 90s. Ask any of them if they know or are related to someone over 100 and very often they will name one or two people in that category. That’s a growing group – but generally not online. My Dad got to be 91 and 4 days. His parents and many other relatives lived to their 90s, and his Uncle John lived to be 104. Right now his sister Jessie is 100 as of November. (I have osteoporosis and have had some bone fractures, but I feel healthy and clear of mind… so I may be around another 30 years or so! :))

There were 76 million Boomers in the USA alone, last year, in July 2019. Their average household net worth in 2016 was $100,800, but many are millionaires too. Remember, don’t call them old or elderly when selling to them. They bristle at that.

Personally, I believe more and more Boomers are going to come online to start a small business – even if they have never done this before. I’m ready to encourage and mentor them.

I was a live-in caregiver for my parents when I first read and heard about the internet. At first I feared I might not be able to do that because I’d never been to university. However, I’d been secretly writing a novel for 30 years, and when Mom died I decided to get a computer, and go online and LEARN whatever I need to learn to publish my book online.

I learned so many things, that before long I was building myself a website to market my novel, and then was asked to build one for a Tract Mission. In just a few years I was building websites for other missions and ministries, and as I got the big picture I saw that there were tremendous opportunities online. I had always thought of myself as just a creative type, and definitely not a business woman. But I began to pray and ask God to make me a business woman if that was His plan for me.

My learning curve has been slow and eclectic, but I now think of myself as a Christian Business woman online and able to encourage and guide others to that goal as well.

To that end, I’ve applied some creativity to work up a Scavenger Hunt game on one of my websites which allows visitors the fun of exploring some business ideas and researching them to see what would be involved if they were to go that direction. There is a short quiz after each tour of a business, and if you get at least half of those questions right, and if you can get together a few points, you can win as a prize, my e-book, “40 Online Business Ideas.” It’s written for Baby Boomers! You can research a whole range of options for online businesses! Go here to try this game – at your own pace; (Scavenger Hunt).

Of course, subscribing to my eAction ezine or mailing list gives you access to a weekly flow of tips and links for tools, and trainings to help you along in your business. If you can’t understand something or run into a snag, feel free to write me and ask questions. I thrive on helping others to catch up and learn the things I’ve taught myself. Mostly for free.

If you sign up to try the Scavenger Hunt, you will end up on the eAction list, but if you want to zero in on that right away, here is the free subscribe form – with some free training videos tossed in –

If you are anything like me, you will find this adventure EXCITING and Fulfilling!

Ready? Start the Scavenger Hunt here!

Yes, the game is all FREE.

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