Project Porcia (VoxxLife)

Voxx Life Bringing HPT to everyone in socks and soles

Project Porcia


VoxxLife sells socks and Insoles with proprietary weaving in the knit soles to trigger subtle pressure on nerve points that will improve your general wellness and health. This Canadian company is less than a year old and taking off like a rocket! The socks and insoles sell themselves as soon as people try them on!

Here is a video by the CEO and Founder, Jay Dhaliwal, explaining this exciting discovery. The first 5 minutes are quite technical, and then he makes it more plain and applicable in everyday situations.

If you need more evidence, do a search at Youtube for “Voxx Life testimonials” – there are thousands of them!

Recently they added a sticker-type of patch you can put on your arm between the elbow and wrist. It lasts for 24 hours and gives you energy and stability and other benefits as well.

This is an MLM company too, in that you can create your own downline team, and teach them your selling methods. You can both buy quantities of the stock and sell personally at retail prices, and/or you can promote them online, rave about the socks, and then provide a link to your coded URL. When those people buy, you get your commissions too!

The basic information about the products is all on the website. But your welcome kit includes info sheets and brochures to hand out. You get your training from the instructions in the Back Office and from the Wednesday audio calls. (If you miss those you can listen or download the recording the next day).

Hey, it’s even possible now to sign up to sell Voxx Socks and Soles as a Fundraising Project for your school or non-profit organization. The old-fundraising products like chocolates, cookies, etc,, may not find many takers any more, but once you show what the Voxx socks can do, they sell themselves. What’s more, you don’t have to have boxes full of socks to sell. All you do is give people your coded link to the website for their fundraiser, and all the profits will be credited to your organization. Download this interactive PDF brochure and application form: VoxxLife_Fundraisers.pdf

Okay, even if you are hesitant about MLMs, it would not hurt for you to order a pair or two of the Voxx socks to see if they do for you all that they suggest on the website. You might do yourself such a huge favour, you want to tell others about it. 🙂

You can BUY or SIGN UP here.


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