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SoloBuildIt! (SBI)
Though an affiliate program is available in SBI, it is a minor focus in this company. SBI! is an opportunity to learn how to set up a business on a website. It offers excellent training and mentorship, not just to build a website, but a BUSINESS website! This is not a promise of instant success, but those who stay with it for 1 to 3 years or more and invest themselves into their web business do quite well and often become world authorities on their niche topic/field.

A large percentage of the SBI sites are in the top 3% of all the best websites in the whole internet! They are the creme de la creme – or, the richest cream of the cream skimmed from a pail of rich Jersey Milk. Some of the very best health and wellness sites are built by SBI Solopreneurs! Others do well, with a site that shows what is worth seeing and doing in their home city or region. Like tourist destinations. Some of the most unlikely topics have become profitable niches for the solopreneurs – all because they followed the Action Guide.

If you do not care for MLM recruiting, then you can ignore that part, and simply use SBI to set up a strong web business. The link above takes you to a number of exciting SBI owners’ stories.

Another thing; once you see the great value and appreciate SBI, you will be glad to get commissions for recommending it to others. And there is no extra charge to be an affiliate.

SBI has really only two products to promote – best done by your own testimonial – but the commissions are quite winsome;
1. For an annual subscription for the complete online business building system, you get 60% (if your customer pays monthly, you get 200%).
2. For an annual subscription for SBI! for WordPress you get 60% (if your customer pays monthly, you get 100%).

Incidentally, if you see this before Dec. 28th, SBI! has a special year-end Holiday sale on that is amazing! Buy 1 Get 1 Free! (Sometimes Ken even extends it past New Year’s Day, so try the link – just in case.)

I have two simple SBI affiliate sites. I used to spend one or two mornings a week at them. Even though I neglect them now for new ventures they still bring in commissions and AdSense income. SBI will guide you in the set up any of several business models for your website, but this is something you have to learn to do and to manage. Once you have that knowledge though, you need never feel handicapped again.

By the way, you need to experience the comradeship in the SBI! forums to appreciate it. Those SBI owners are super about helping each other out in so many practical ways! The Action Guide videos are tremendous, but sometimes you just need a friend to explain something in plain English so you can fix it on your site.

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