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I’m Healthy Vera
Healthy VeraThis particular Scavenger Hunt is organized by Ruth Marlene Friesen – who has an amazing mind and imagination. She is able to handle a number of passions – and juggle them! (She also loves to write and teach, so you would benefit from getting on her eAction mailing list).

We’ll visit these businesses in the order she set up, or your scavenging for the answers to her quiz are going to be a monkey’s breakfast.

UnBox and RiseNetwork

In 2015 Ruth joined an online business that taught people how to make some great incomes by re-selling items on eBay or Amazon, which they had found at another place for less. This is called drop-shipping, but this kind of business has dropped from that peak of popularity and is now harder to do.

However, the owners of that business are very smart. They sold that business and all the assets they had built up to a larger corporation.  Because of their innovative minds, the three co-owners made some special deals. They would form a supporting business called RiseNetwork that would train those who signed up to join the new UnBox company how to make a great income just from promoting UnBox according to their clever ideas. UnBox has some 12-15 or more business lines through which members can make money, but most people who join such a big business get lost in trying to promote it effectively, so Kevin, Hitesh and Jason have devised a “new style of business” that will ensure those who follow their advice can be earning six figure incomes in about 9 months!

Their three Rules of a Successful Business are;
1. It must make you profitable quickly.
2. It must take just a few repetitive actions to produce earnings.
3. It must be possible to leverage it, and scale it up as your profits increase.

The reasons most of us fail at a business include things like;
The sheer costs of inventory, tech under-structures, customer support, and fulfilling orders.
There are also websites, stores, and developer fees, (especially if you start your own from scratch).
Then there are advertising costs, and customer acquisition too!
Never mind the constant changes in industries, and business metrics.

Also, most businesses you take on cannot be handled with a single repetitive action that pays off. (Probably because you are busy coping with the above problems). Leveraging and scaling your business is a far-off dream.

Well! In this business you can be profitable quickly, with a simple action you can do daily to produce earnings. You can leverage and scale it! The UnBox platform launches on November 21, but that gives those of us who know about it ahead of time to build up a team in RiseNetwork and get a great head start on a larger income.

UnBox is the easiest, most powerful business concept, and the only system of its kind. You can be profitable from DAY ONE, earning both active and passive incomes. It’s great for those who do not like to sell. In fact, basically all you do is give away Gift Cards!

eCommerce is still a part of this business, (optional of course), but here all inventory costs are covered, and no setup fees, and no customer management or research for you to do. Yet you have a massive product range.

Here’s what you do next. Visit this link and watch the video about UnBox.
If your heart and mind agree that this is a good move, click the first link beneath the video to join UnBox. Then come back and use the second link to join RiseNetwork, but use the same username and password for both. Until November 21, it is free to sign up for both. After that there will be a signup fee, but if you know someone who is a member, you may ask them for a gift card to cover your signup fee.

Then, go through the training videos in RiseNetwork so you can understand better just how it will all work and how you will benefit just wonderfully!

If you find yourself hesitant or needing more information to convince you this is a good move, you may watch the RiseNetwork replay of a webinar in which Hitesh did a great job of explaining the whole system.

Once you have made up your mind, you should click the links below to get inside!

(Watching the videos will help you answer the quiz questions correctly – though you may get them too, if you read the above carefully).




(You need to get 2 questions answered correctly towards getting the prize).

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