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Giving Gilda
What if you can’t decide and want to join all more most of these businesses?

Well! Are you ready to work at this full-time? If you are single with no family making demands on you, you could do like Ruth and write up a detailed schedule for all your days, Monday through Friday. Spend all morning, all afternoon, and all evening until after midnight, and then you can probably run all these businesses too. Note, that this has been her lifestyle though for a good number of years. If this would be a total lifestyle shift for you, go slow – give yourself time to learn and to adjust, or your brain will cramp and snap. That’s what I think!

Remember: relationships with people take time. If you take on too many goals, you will have trouble giving time to your friendships. Not just the ones for your pleasure, but also the ones you add to your business team(s). How can you help them develop to success if you are too distracted with multi-tasking.

Success with a number of businesses all depends on how hard you are prepared to work and how well you are able to multi-task if you want to run all of them at once. It really is not wise to give you exact numbers because someone is going to walk away convinced that is a given. It is not!

Still, from the hints I’ve dropped you should be able to extrapolate that each business could bring in five to six figure incomes a year in a year or two. If you get a crowd of like-minded people in your downline – you might get that happening every month!

Oh-oops! All of this is before I’ve introduced you to the MAILING LIST concept or business method. That can multiply things even more. Faster!

Mailing List – One of the Attraction Marketing techniques you learn at MLSP is to set up all your advertising efforts to lead prospects to your ‘funnel’ or ‘lead capture page.’ This is where you get their email address in return for something you offer to them. It may be a free piece of information, as in a cheat sheet or a marketing ploy, or a short e-book with information they would really like. If that offer has real value, you might even ask a small price for it, like $5, or $10. Maybe as much as $20 or $30. (That money can then become your advertising budget).

[See Twist Your List]

Once they have received your info item, you can embed in it, or put near it an upsell message that offers them a more expensive offering, or affiliate product.

Even if they don’t bite for that, you now have their email address and it should have automatically been added to your mailing list at your autoresponder service. There you will have placed a series of automated and helpful emails that go out to each prospect in the schedule of days you set up for the next while. However, the gold in that list is that you can also send out broadcasts every few days.

These are short to-the-point emails that may offer more valuable tips and solutions, but every once in a while, you can make one of those an email that raves about some product or program that you want to share with them.

If your readers have been getting to know, like and trust you, a certain percentage will not be able resist clicking on the link you provide in the email to go check out what you are raving about. Not all, but some of those people will trust your recommendation and buy or sign up.

Depending on the number of people on your mailing list, do the math in these potential scenarios:

1. The product you recommended cost $49.95; your commission is $24, your mailing list is just 1000 addresses. If 300 people click the link and go check it out, and half of those buy, you make $24 x 150 = $3,600. (Of course, that may come in over the several days it takes those 150 people to make up their minds and buy).

2. If you recommend a webinar that costs $199; (you are putting it on, so you clear $150 after expenses), your list is 10,000 addresses. If 30% (3000) click to investigate the webinar page, and if half of them sign up, that is 1500 x $150=$225,000. (Again, over several days or a week as they sign up and pay for the webinar).

Okay, that sounds like easy money, and it could come in to you in just a few days, BUT you need to be able to write good emails, and build up a rapport with your readers. You need to be able to draw in the subscribers, and maintain high numbers.

Rather than spend too much time daydreaming these scenarios, you are wiser to get to work! Learn the necessary skills.

Instead of moaning that you can’t write, make up your mind to learn how, and then to write as a discipline every day. With time – (months/years) you will get better at it and it will grow easier. You cannot buy this skill. You gain it by DOING it many, many times!

To tell the truth, I would suggest you pick MLSP as your training in Attraction Marketing, and then pick one other business, MLM, or otherwise. Like, INFINii, Forever, VoxxLife, or SBI.

Actually, there is one more you need to sign up – no matter what you are promoting. You will be told over and over again that you need an Autoresponder & Mailing list. That’s where the true GOLD is!

You need a good, reliable autoresponder system, like Trafficwave, from which to run your mailing list. (None really compares close to this one!) For a simple monthly fee of $17.95/US per month, you can run as many mailing lists – of any size – that you want. All the other responder systems charge you more as your list and volume increases. What’s more, Trafficwave has an affiliate program, so that if you recruit others to try it too, you will gain another very attractive income stream here! (No-brainer, eh?)

You can explore the training Wiki for how-tos with Trafficwave. Check this page especially here;
Once there, look for the explanation on why it uses the Double-Opt-in for greater success. (Don’t hesitate to explore a video or two in the Wiki training section to see how detailed the training is).

The use of double opt-in helps protect our users against potential malicious subscription requests which can dramatically increase spam complaints.

The Case Studies menu tab at the top of the site takes you to 14 Case studies, so you can see how you might make use of a good mailing list, no matter what is your business or services.

Now, if you can recall what you saw when you visited the links, and correctly fill in the blanks of this short quiz, you will be declared a winner in the Scavenger Hunt, and get a prize. It’s a good idea to try all 4 questions; but you get a passing grade if you get at least two right under each business idea.


(It is a good idea to try all 4 questions, but you need to get 2 questions answered correctly towards getting the prize).

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When you have these questions finished we’ll go to the Final Score page to see about that Prize!