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Giving GildaDo you know what MLM stands for?

Right, Multi Level Marketing. This is where you become a sales associate for a company and you sell the product(s), but you also keep your eyes open for others who might be recruited to do the same as you. They are then placed under you in a company structure often known as Downlines, or Genealogy. The people whom you recruit are to recruit still others, who are then placed under your first level recruits. These become second and third tiers or levels under you.

Depending on the company’s Compensation Plan, you get a percentage of what each level of your downline earns from their sales. MLM companies are famous for having some aggressive individuals who sell well, and recruit well, making thousands – even millions of dollars in incomes. The sky is the limit, as they say. The problem has been that if you were not good at face-to-face selling, or didn’t have the skills to persuade people to sign up you would be left high and dry.

Now that the MLM industry, for the most part, has discovered the internet and learned some new marketing skills the playing field has leveled out considerably. Just about anyone can learn to make sales and recruit strangers online. Or, better still, make new friends via social media. Then sell to those new friends.

Don’t forget your friends from way back – they may need a good steady income too. You can be a huge help to them!

You CAN succeed well with an MLM company. Of course, it pays to choose your MLM company carefully. Some are better than others. Some are behind the times and don’t allow members to market for them online. Beware of those! (Although, with Attraction Marketing principles, you can get around that. Cautiously!)

If you find it hard to choose, don’t worry, with Attraction Marketing methods you can add another, and another MLM to your list of businesses and each can become an income stream for you. We do highly recommend that you choose just one to start with, and to learn to apply the techniques to that business. Once you have that first MLM producing well for you, you can sign up for another and work on that for a few months to get it primed and pumping well, and then you can add another.

Another thing to consider is what kind of products each company is about. You will always do better with a company where you personally use and love the products. So make that a key part of your criteria when you choose your first one.

Tap to get Facebook helpI recommend MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP) for the tremendous training they give you for marketing your MLM (or any business!) It all hangs on the Attraction Marketing concept.

MLSP is not an MLM company but has tremendous training videos and coaching services for Attraction Marketing skills which work on any online business model you choose. They have incorporated some excellent affiliate products, which are specific and in-depth training videos, or courses and ebooks, on many aspects of techniques and methods for marketing online. Many members of MLSP make a comfortable living at selling just those products – especially as they are learning the ropes. Some are making 5-figure, 6-figure and even 7 figure incomes!

Take into account how much time you have to work at the promotions, and producing value content or INFO. Often you can’t tell how much time it will take until you get into the thick of it.

Another thing to consider is what kind of products each company is about. You will always do better with a company where you personally use and love the products. So make that a key part of your criteria when you choose your MLM company.

No matter which other business you already have, or which one you choose now, you ought to get a membership in MLSP as well. The basic monthly membership is $49.95/month, but we can give you a link for the 30 day free trial to explore it first. That gives you access to plenty of training materials and the weekly webinars.

If you are ready for even more, you can sign up for the Professional level, or even the Premium level, which gives you access to the full, larger library of advanced services and materials. At this level you are able to sell the training products and get 100% of the profits. Included at the top two levels is the enhanced WordPress blogging service, which would cost you a heap extra if you were to collect those features on your own. (Plus, you would have to discover them first).

 Sign up for the Trial Offer here, and on the next page watch the video with Brian Finale, who does a fantastic sales job of explaining all that MLSP offers and how it will put your online business into high gear. You would be wise to jot down some notes as Brian talks and shows you the wonderful services offered. (But hey, you’ll have to read all the way to the bottom of the page to find that Trial offer)!

The 3 MAIN things MLSP offers – which you NEED to succeed online are:
1. Attraction Marketing ~~ 2. How to Brand Yourself ~~ 3. Your Real Business is in your LIST.

MLSP’s Free Training Webinars

You are welcome to attend any of three weekly webinars that help you to get a taste of MLSP. You will need to be a member (take the 10-day trial!)  and register for each one individually, to get in, but they are totally free. Monday evenings, an Orientation webinar takes you through the Back office and shows you around and what to do first and next to get the most out of your membership.

Techie Tuesday afternoons is when Tony shows you how to do computer skills and steps that you need to learn to do the Attraction Marketing. Again, register, to be able to login and listen and watch for free. A great way to taste test the benefits of MLSP to your online business.

Every Wednesday evening, there is an in-depth, free training webinar, which is interactive for those who are registered. Top Earners in MLSP, and in their own businesses, teach some of their methods – pure gold training! All three of these weekly webinars can be found on this page. You sign up by giving your name and email address. Presto, you receive confirmation by email and the link to go to when it is about to start.

As a member, if you can’t make it, a replay is usually made available a day or two later.

Oh. You want numbers? You are dying to know how much you can make in each of these streams?

That all depends on how hard you are prepared to work.

Also, how well you are able to multi-task if you want to run several – or even all of them at once.

I hesitate to give you exact numbers because you might walk away convinced that those amounts are a given. They are not!

Still, I understand that you need some ballpark numbers to help you decide if you want to give yourself to this. So… from the hints I’ve dropped you should be able to extrapolate that each business could bring in five to six figure incomes a year in a year or two. If you get a crowd of like-minded people in your downline – you might get that happening every month!

Ready to sign up with MLSP? Take the Trial offer right now!
Or try the Facebook training first.

Remember, that we’ve talked about MLMs and their basic premises? Now I’ve shown you want you need to succeed at MLMs, so next let me show you two of these companies that I think are worth a closer look. Oh-oh. We need to do the Scavenger Hunt questions first so you get a chance at the prize.


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