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[Let’s start by watching these videos about Forever  and more from: Forever North America.  Sounds terrific, right?

Now, let’s explore some Forever products: Skin Care (USA) (or, Skin Care in Canada). Once you are on the Forever store you can choose other categories from the menu on the left. Also, rather than paying extreme shipping costs if you live in another country, click on the tiny down arrow beside the country name at the top left of the screen. Now you can choose your country, or the closest one to you from that menu. You will find the same products, but the prices will be in your currency and the shipping from a closer warehouse.

(Remember, to join Forever and become a Forever Business Owner- first Contact Ruth personally to make sure you have the right link for your country. You should be on her mailing list now; simply reply to one of Ruth’s emails to you, and ask your questions).

Forever sells high quality aloe vera products for wellness and lifestyle, including skin care, supplements and cosmetics. (You may wish to specialize). Somewhere in their literature is a hint that if you work hard, it is possible to be a millionaire in 5 years.

What I hear though, is that once you get to meet other Forever Business Owners, you become like family and close friends. Now that is the kind of thing that draw ME in. I thrive on friendships!

When the founder began this business 40 years ago, it was with the goal of creating a lasting and steady income for those who would be Distributors – now called, Forever Living Business Owners. The head office is in Arizona, but there are branch offices in 150 other countries.

Forever Living has plantations in the Dominican Republic with 30 million aloe vera plants! These are harvested on a big scale when the leaves are as big as your full-length arm! The aloe vera is used in the original products produced in high quality factories with labs that make sure each product is a pure, high-grade item. Exploring those excellent products is exciting!

As a Forever Living Business Owner you are encouraged to order the “Start Your Journey” pack for $245 US (about $350 Cdn), with about 15 samples, and all the literature you need to start to work. You can rise through several levels, Supervisor, Manager, Assistant Manager, and Eagle Manager. Each one brings a larger percentage of commission, more training, plus special recognition at the Global Rally each year, and at the top – all-expense paid trips to the Eagle Manager retreats, annually.

Besides, at the Global Rally, the BIG highlight is the handing out of Chairman’s Bonuses which means the company profits are shared with those who have helped grow the company. About 28 million is given away each year at that Rally. (Those checks are into 5 and 6 figures – over and above the commissions you earned for the year!)

Hmm! That should cement some more first-class friendships! Besides, I’d like my friends to get those checks too!

Not only that, but there is a Forever2Drive Incentive program; when you qualify, you get up to $9,600 a year for the car of your choice.

Naturally, Ruth would like to have you in her Forever team, so you can grow together. To ensure you get in under her, (Ruth Marlene Friesen), and benefit from her mentoring, you should contact her first for detailed instructions. (Signing up is free, but once signed up you can not easily change to a different upline. We know that from experience! It is not fun to have an upline that pays you no attention.) If you are in another country, Ruth can first sign up to promote in that country, and then, you can still sign up under her.

Are you interested? Then contact Ruth personally to become a Forever Business Owner.


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