Awaiting Confirmation

This is where we pause to wait for you to check your email – then click the link in the email that will come to you from – that link probably looks like two lines of gobbledy-gook to you, but if you read the words before and after it, you will know that it is to confirm that we have your address correct and that you are truly choosing to sign up for this Scavenger Hunt, and the emails that will come to you as you go through the stages.

Once you have clicked that Confirmation Link you will be whisked to my Introduction and the start of the Scavenger Hunt game.

See? Easy as that!

If – after about 10 minutes or so, that confirmation email does NOT show up, it may be that there was a typo when you entered it on previous page. Why not use the back arrow of the browser and start over. Type or key your email address in very carefully. Then you will end up back here while you go check your email and wait for the confirmation email from me.

Blessings on you! I can hardly wait until you start!]

Ruth Marlene Friesen

Ruth Marlene Friesen