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When I see an ad for a Passive Income online, something in the back of my mind jumps to the conclusion that this is a lure for the lazy. However, when I stopped to consider how a small passive income project could help me, or anyone else, survive while trying to get a much larger business off the ground and flying highly profitable, I became more willing to l

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ook these ideas. All be it, cautiously.

What a mother-lode of ideas there are on the internet! Have you ever done a search to see how many ideas there are? Or deliberately looking for one that you could set up and let it pump in funds in the background of your life? Let’s put our preconceived ideas aside, and do some real and honest research.

First, let’s define what exactly it is. A passive income is something easy to set up, which, once it is operational, will not require a lot of constant attention. Yet, the income will come in, perhaps not in huge gobs of money, but something that gives you the occasional $100, say once a week, or climbing to $100/day and more… that could free you up to spend your full attention on a much bigger business idea. You wouldn’t sneeze at that, and laugh it off, would you?

Okay. No big guarantees or promises here, but let’s examine some options for passive income ideas. (I use the word, ‘Galore’ in the title because I stopped when I’d found 38 ideas. I believe there are a lot more!) Many books offer ideas for investing and earning profits on that, but that assumes you have money to invest, so I’m sticking to more practical low or no-cost to set up ideas.

Let’s sort through these 38 ideas and put them into groups that are similar and consider what skills or resources we would need to take any of them up. We’ll be bound to toss some away. We’ll find some that appeal to us, and some that we want to research further. I’ll show you how I did this sorting, but feel free to go search online for your own list, and sort them according to your criteria.

Please, don’t be as lazy as the young man my Dad used to tell me about. (Not sure of his age, but let’s say he was a teen or in his 20s). This young man lay on his stomach on the floor when his grandfather said to him, “If you can show me anyone more lazy than you there, I’ll give you 25 cents.”

The young man said, “Well, roll me over and stick the quarter in my pocket.” (That’s super-lazy in my mind!)

You and I are prepared to work as hard as necessary even when setting up a passive income plan, right?

First, here are the no-cost or very low cost ideas, at least, if you have these things right now.


Rent out spare room (Air BnB)

Allow ads to be painted on your car

Sell used items on eBay, or Amazon, or CraigsList

Sell a book you have written in traditional way – get royalties (long, slow process).

University students – who take good notes; you can sell your notes to others who are not such good note-takers

Sell handmade crafts on Etsy (a site like eBay, but for those who have hand-made crafts to sell)

House-sit for people who travel a lot (ask around for referrals)

Have garage sales as often as allowed, (or scour other garage sales for items you can sell for more on eBay, etc.)

Creative Products:

Produce e-book, digital info, -sell downloads online.

Freelance articles for blogs, sites, or magazines.

Create an info/training course-sell online

Write a Kindle e-book; get 70% sales on Amazon

Take good photos – sell to any of 13 stock photo sites.

Create logos, popular quotes, set up free Print-on-Demand account to have printed on T-shorts, mugs, etc. to sell on CafePress, or such sites.

If you are smart or creative, you can produce products or services that are easier to sell online. You may have a learning curve to set them up for sale. e-Books with information that people are looking for online will sell well. So do training courses that you can offer online via a video platform, like Zoom. If you write a Kindle e-book, Amazon will take care of all the set up and sales work, then send you what is your commission.

If you can adapt easily, write articles that others want for their blogs, sites, or magazines. This is freelance writing, which pays faster than a book.

If you have a good camera and know how to take good photos, there are at least 13 stock photo sites that will pay you for your uploaded photos.

On the other hand, if you are great at creating images or graphics, you have a number of options. The most obvious are to create some catchy logos, quotes/mimes, and designs that will look great on t-shirts, mugs, or other merchandise. There are a number of Print-on-Demand sites that will produce the merchandise. Some will sell from their own site and give you commissions, but you can also put up the pictures of your products on a site of your own, or, even under a YouTube channel description. You may be able to sell them from your social media accounts as well!


Affiliate Marketing:

Earn rebates from online shopping with Cash-Back-World, Rakuten, & Swagbucks, etc. (& commissions if friends sign up from your referral link).

Blog… slow income at first, but if it becomes popular and you add appropriate affiliate links, you can get a steady income after a while.

Build up an email mailing list; send out emails fun to read, and recommend affiliate products that your readers will be glad to buy from your link.

Youtube channel; Once you get enough viewers add your coded-affiliate links there. Also sell your own designer t-shirts, and other swag items.

Set up a podcast program/show – you need to add more regularly; can be posted on a website, draw affiliate income from products you recommend.

Are you familiar with affiliate marketing? There are many businesses with products to sell, but they need help with the advertising. If you have a blog or website, or an email list, they will make it worth your while to sign up for an affiliate account. Then they will give you a coded link you can use in your publishing platforms, (blog, website, or mailing list, etc.) If any of your visitors click on that link, go to the related sales page, and end up buying that product, the company will know that you sent the buyer to them, and so they will give you a commission. (Usually, you have to make at least $50 before they send you a commission check).

I can assure you that there are smart marketers, who make thousands of dollars a month from the affiliate links on their site, or to their mailing list! You will need to study up on affiliate marketing and get some practice under your belt before you reach that kind of income! Solo-Build-It (SBI) and IncomeSchool both have excellent training in this.

Getting cash back assumes that you can afford to shop online. (Cash-BackWorld works in local shops too). However, the other affiliate programs are generally free to sign up for, and your success with your links (getting the commissions) depends a lot on how you handle your linking. Tactfully, embedded links in a good article are better than brash, in your face banners and links.

More recently, I’ve learned that YouTube allows you to embed or rather recommend affiliate links in your video, and also in the description below the video. Much the same applies to podcasting – which is somewhat like setting up your own radio station.

Do allow for a learning curve when you first take up these marketing methods.


Side-Hustles (a Little Biz):

Virtual Assistant (from home) for businesses.

Become a local tour guide

Deliver mail for Post-Mates, (like Uber, Lyft, etc).

Manage social media posts for a client, or 2, or 3…

Answer professional Questions on “Just Answer” online

Freelance your skills on Fivver, Upworks, 99Designs, & others)

Offer tutoring over Skype or Zoom

Personal Chef/baker for small clientele list.

Walk dogs, babysit, Nanny, or clean houses, privately or thro’ agency.

Start an agency for those who can’t find the above part-time jobs.

Start a food truck – bring fast food to the hungry lunch crowds.

Setup/print resumes for job seekers.

Give music lessons, online, at home, or in studio.

Personal Shopper for elderly, handicapped, or those too busy.

Learn to build effective sales funnels, provide as service to entrepreneurs.

Create Pinterest images with text overlay & link to affiliate product.

There are other creative little businesses – okay, let’s call them side-hustles – that you can set up if you are willing to try new things and learn as you go. In some cases, some background experience or training would sure help, but some are simple enough to learn in a day. (Unfortunately, there is some risk that you’ll give up just as quickly).

A number of years ago we called them secretaries. Now they are Administrative Assistants, if working in an office. If you know how to type (or keyboard on a computer), and how to file things away, how to prepare business documents and letters, etc., make calls for someone else, or send emails, and set up appointments, then you may have enough starter skills to be a Virtual Assistant. That is where you do secretarial or administrative tasks for an employer – perhaps even several – who are in their own location, while you work for them at your home office.

A Virtual Assistant business can be part-time or full-time, depending on how many clients you take on and how big the workload is. Of course, there are other freelancing types of jobs or “gigs” you can take on, depending on how you market your skills. You might specialize in managing a client’s social media posts, creating graphic designs on request, building websites for clients, handling some routine ad-placing and marketing work, or simply setting up and printing out resumes for job-seeking clients.

You might be able set yourself up as a small business service as a personal shopper, for those who can’t go in person. In fact, some might appreciate you being able to order things for them online, if they don’t have a computer or the courage shop online alone.

There are freelance driving jobs for taxi like roles, such as Uber, or delivering mail for Post-Mates, or becoming a local tour guide. A good driver’s license and a working vehicle may be all you need.

More house-bound? How about offering tutoring or music lessons over Skype or Zoom?

What about doing baking or cooking for a small clientele of people who find that too hard, or that they don’t have the time?

Look through this list for some more ideas. I’m sure you can figure out how you would do them.

If the above passive income ideas are not enough for you, I challenge you to do your own research and find enough to satisfy your definition of “Galore.”

Perhaps I need to consider an article now about the passive income ideas that make a “sucker” out of you.

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