Meet the Guides – Please Choose One

Are you ready to meet the Guides and choose one? As soon as You click on one, she will take you to a new page, tell you just a bit about herself – in a line or two, and off you go to explore the businesses.

After each quiz, in which you repeat some of the information you FOUND, you will be taken to the correct answers so you know how you did. There will be a link for the next Business your Guide will take you to see.

You will also get an email with this information in case you haven’t got enough time to finish all the Hunt tour in one session. You can come back when you are ready using the link in that email.

Busy BillieJo

Busy Billie Jo– Let’s not waste much time here. I’m already super busy with family and community commitments! However, as Mama Bliss used to say, “if you want something done ask a busy person.” I’ve discovered that by being very self-disciplined and organized, I can usually squeeze in what I need to do. Well, even some things I just WANT to do. 🙂

You’re a busy person too? Then you will appreciate it if I show you which of these online businesses in this tour can be adapted to small but regular blocks of time. If you can work out how much time you will be able to clear for your online business, you should be able to find one you can fit into your busy schedule.

So let’s visit the companies, or businesses sites; I’ll give you an estimate of how much time they will take. Remember to allow for a learning curve though at the beginning. You’ll need to give extra time for the training and getting familiar with your duties before you can line them up 1, 2, 3.

Naturally, if your business takes off, you will probably be ready and willing to give up other things in your life to give MORE time to your business!

Ready to Go?

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Friendly Frieda

Friendly Frieda– Oh good! I have a chance to make new friends here. Isn’t it great how if you have a business, you have so many opportunities to make new acquaintances and friends? Guess what I’ve learned: by being friendly and making new friends I can grow my business – even businesses – in so many directions.

Some people believe you have to be a clever blogger or writer, or even a digital devices techno-wizard. My methods is so much easier. I just go about making friends and helping them! If you are a friendly sort – you can do this!

Let me walk with you through some business ideas and show you how friendliness will bring you success! You’ll be tickled to pieces!

Follow me!

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Giving Gilda

Giving Gilda– Hello! Are you here because you wish you could give to needy ministries and people, too, like I do?

That’s my main motivation for working at online businesses. Fortunately, I’ve learned to enjoy it, but what keeps me at it, is the joy of sharing with someone in need. I’m so glad to see you’re thinking along these lines as well.

Remember, we are talking about honest businesses where we have to work to earn the money. We avoid those that are – well, to put it mildly, like gambling. Where you put in lots of coins in hopes of suddenly getting your lap full of cash. No-no! We don’t want to go there! We’re willing to work honestly for what we earn, because we want to please God.

As you may be guessing, I don’t push making HEAPS of money just for the sake of owning it. I want to be ethical about it. A noble goal is to earn money to give it away.

So let’s visit the companies, or businesses, that give you a decent income for your Giving Fund!

Let me show you some exciting things!

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Healthy Vera

Healthy Vera– My passion is to live a healthy life, and to help others do that too. Far too many people limp along in life with a low level of health, and energy. An online business, properly promoted, is a terrific way of helping the largest number of people.

Now you may have a particular passion or interest too. I hope you know what it is, or that you’ll recognize it when you see it. My way of thinking is that if you just wander about waiting for something to excite you, or for someone to stick wads of money into your pocket, you are not going to do well in any online business. You’d be better off to find meaning or purpose for your life first.

All right! Let’s visit the sites of some potential online businesses. (You’ll notice that I get most excited at the health and wellness ideas; you can feel free to show excitement when we bump up against your passion or interest. That’s probably where you should linger and look for more info).

Come… See!

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Idle IdaMae

Idle IdaMae– Oh happy day! I get to take you on a tour. This is going to be fun! I’d rather be doing this than doing any work. (grin). Here’s hoping you don’t mind a little teasing and fun…. like my name says, I’m a happy, joyful spirit.

Okay…let’s skip off together!

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Money Millie

Money Millie
– All right, Friend, let’s make some money!

I’m here to show you which online businesses can make you the most money.

Keep in mind that being prepared to WORK for that wealth is a given. Shirkers don’t get rich. Ideally then, you make the most money if you can be free for full-time efforts. By full-time I mean 6 – 8 hours a day, and at least 5 to 6 days a week.

(Yes, you could make some with less than half that, but hey, you picked me for a guide, and I go full-strength – for the MAX Money! We can rest and play when we retire for good, right?)

So let’s visit the companies, or businesses, that give you the most potential. Come now!

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Writing Rita

Writing Rita– Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this tour of the Scavenger Hunt. Thanks for choosing me, Writing Rita, as your guide.

Yes, as that implies, I like to write! Letters, journalling blog posts, articles, books, you name it. My method for doing just about anything is to write about it. As it turns out, (Hallelujah!) The online business world is a paradise for writers! If you like to write blogs, articles, sales letters that get folks eating right out of your hand – then, hey, you are standing on the START square of the online business game. You have every opportunity to be a great success!

Let me give you a tour of some of the best business ideas on the Net, and I’ll point out where you should use your writing skills to ace each one.

Come-on! I can’t wait!

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Project Porcia

Project Porcia– What? You think my name is odd? Have you ever heard of people who get focused on a project and make that their “main thing” until it is completed?

Porcia is the Spanish version of the old Italian name, Portia. Basically, I’m frank, honest, and methodical. I believe in being self-disciplined and orderly for the sake of goals accomplished. If that takes courage or dogged determination, so be it!

If you are like that you are going to enjoy me as your tour-guide through some business opportunities. Getting lots of money, or giving it away by the armloads is nice, – but success doesn’t happen if you don’t make a plan and DO your plan.

Have you got your goals ready? Let’s go see what kind of plans you need to make, and whether you will commit to doing them.

Come. Let’s see what you are made of. 🙂

eAction - what you have to take to succeed online!

Okay, I’ll see you again when you’ve finished your little tour of SEVEN businesses. I wish you a happy learning experience!

Blessings & Thanks for Doing this Scavenger Hunt!
Ruth Marlene Friesen