My Story – Introducing Your Scavenger Hunt Guide!

Ruth Marlene FriesenThank you! I’m glad you were adventurous enough to trust me with your email, and that you would want to check out this Scavenger Hunt. You will be wonderfully surprised, and be glad you came to these discoveries – and I believe the Guides will at least make you smile, and maybe even give you a good chuckle or laugh.

But first, if we are going to be friends through all this I should introduce myself. Then we will no longer be strangers.

Alas, I know so much about myself, and I delight in details so it is hard to be concise, but I’ll try to stick to the main points about me, so that you can get on with the Hunt.

I grew up in the small town of Hague, north of Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan. (That’s in the middle of the vast prairies in the middle of Canada, if you are from another part of the world). As the oldest of five siblings, and with a Mom who had no end of health problems, I grew up having to take responsibility very early in life. I resented it sometimes, but have learned to appreciate it now, later in life as it means that I’m not afraid of work, and I finish what I start. I’ve had nicknames like “Faithful Ruth” and “Frugal Ruth” but the one that I wear most proudly in my Internet Career is “Responsible Ruth.” You can count on me!

After high school I worked as a telephone operator and used my strange shift hours to secretly write a novel. When I got my 1968 Nova paid off, I resigned in 1971, and drove to London, Ontario, to look for publishers. That failed. But I re-wrote and improved it each year that I was there, and learned to write through all that.

I also became very involved in church work, as part-time secretary – and super involved in children’s ministries in several ways. Plus the last 3 years there I rented a nice house on the Thames River and rented out rooms to Christian college girls, and had a role as a “Den Mom” or Big Sister.

In 1983 I returned home to Hague, to care for my aging parents. That was a step of faith. I knew they could not afford to pay me. But I was surprised that this Era in my life lasted 23 and a half years. Mind you, I learned many things about walking with the Lord by faith. In the early years I was very active again in Childrens’ ministry but in time caring for my Mom absorbed all my time.

After Mom died in 1997 I sold the china cabinet she said could be mine, and bought myself a computer that could go online. I’d read you could PUBLISH on the internet and I was ready to learn about that and bring my novel out of hiding in the deacon’s bench. While Dad snoozed in his recliner I got a great education online in Print-on-Demand (POD) publishing, and then building websites, Affiliate marketing, and soon I was building websites for various ministries and pastors in different parts of the world. (I had no money to send them, but I had a new skill!)

I didn’t make any of money yet, in those days, and after Dad died in 2007 I became a missionary for a mission in Saskatoon, where I developed even more skills as needs arose. My own sites had to take a back seat while I learned graphic design, editing, layout work for our missions’ publications, and press releases, etc.

Hey, have you ever noticed how many skills you can learn and develop when you volunteer your time? We should never sneeze at those opportunities, for if we keep striving to do the best we can and keep looking for still better ways to do those jobs – these skills will one day come back to bless us.

In 2015 I began to wonder if I was going to be in that role indefinitely? Deep in my heart I had a longing and burden to start earning large streams of money online (I was discovering huge possibilities!) and then I’d like to become a generous giver. I’ve learned to get by on a very minimal budget. I have no desire to live a wealthy lifestyle. I’m satisfied with my little green house and the garden where I can grow my veggies and flowers. But I have met so many needy people around the world via emails and the internet.

My last big assignment for Western Tract Mission was to write a comprehensive history book. That grew to be much larger than I’d first envisioned but I stayed at it and got it done for the big celebration last October 13, 2017! A younger generation of millennials are taking over the leadership of the mission, and so I’m free now to finally apply the things I’ve been learning online about Attraction Marketing and effective advertising, list-building, etc. I am now ready to throw myself as heartily into this career as any others I’ve had before.

Because I care about individuals (I make friends very easily!) I want to take as many of you as I can with me on this journey. I am so-o very eager to teach you – via my Scavenger and then, eAction mailing LIST – all the things I’ve learned. If you missed it you will get another chance later to subscribe for free.

You understand, right? That you may unsubscribe with a single click, if you ever want to get rid of me. But – if you stay on the list and read my emails, you are going to learn a lot of exciting things that can put you on the path to earning large streams of money – and on a consistent basis… IF – yep, IF you are ready to be responsible and faithful to the actions you will learn from me!

If you are like me I can pretty well guarantee that you will learn new skills “like a house a-fire!” and you WILL MAKE MONEY!

Let’s Start the Scavenger Hunt!

Here is how we’ll play this Scavenger Hunt Game. I want to introduce you to my most favourite opportunities and methods of earning money. If you are not already well-experienced in online marketing and all these things, I suggest you only choose ONE opportunity and sign up for the one main TOOL you will need to make it all work. Then when you have the basics down pat and the money is flowing in as you get things automated – Then, yes, you can take on another venture and start to multi-task.

You will need to choose a Guide, (their names will give you a clue as to which one is most suitable to you), and yes, you can come back here and choose another one if you can’t decide which Guide you will enjoy most.

Each guide will explain something of the business venture and what she sees as the main value and what you would need in the way of time and financial commitment to follow that one. If you are short on time watch for the ideas that can be done in the least amount of time. Or, the ones that are easily automated.

You should take time to explore each site fairly well, watch any videos that are provided, and pay attention to your Guide’s analysis of that venture’s potential for you.

(By the way, I’m sending these Guides to go around with you, so you don’t have to grow weary of me! 🙂 If I did all the talking and tried to address everyone’s concerns, you would be likely to say as my Grandpa Kroeker did once when I was a kid; “I vish you was a radio – I’d svitch you off!“)

Back to the Rules of this Scavenger Hunt.

After you have visited and explored each business you will need to answer 4 questions about that business venture. To win the prize you need to get AT LEAST 2 answers correct out of each four questions.

(I do hope you won’t mind entering your name and email for each quiz; that’s the only way I can be sure of matching your quiz results to you).

You also need to sign up for one business, and one tool, to win the e-book, “40 Online Business Ideas for You!

Just in case you get discouraged and feel too overwhelmed with all you will be learning here, I will give you one concession: I’ll let you buy the ebook. (Watch for the link tucked in here and there). But the Scavenger Hunt for answers to the quizzes is fun. Besides, it is a chance to show that you are made of the kind of stuff that means you can succeed at an online business!

Whether you win it or buy it, in the end you WILL get to see in the e-book all the ideas from # 7 to 40! I promise!

Your next step is – to choose your Guide for the Scavenger Hunt.

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