How Fast Can I Profit with an Online Business?

I got word recently that UnBox which rewards me financially when someone uses the gift cards I offer, has given me a certain code to share. If you use it to sign up they will waive (discount) $99 of the signup fee, so you only end up paying $1.
How Fast Can I Profit Online- & more Questions

How Fast Can I Profit Online- & more Questions

You are asking questions like:

How fast can I make a profit with an online business?

I just got laid off because of this corona virus pandemic. Here I am at home – suddenly with time on my hands – so I’d like to start an online business I can run from my computer at home. But my head is swimming with questions;

How can I be sure I don’t sign up for something that is a scam?

What kind of work will I need to do to turn a profit? Or do I have to take some training first?

It has to be simple enough for me to do; I can’t afford employees!

Our fridge is already showing some gaps; how fast can I make a profit with an online business?

I hear your pain and urgency to profit. There are many kinds of online businesses and some are easier than others.


If you have a lot of friends and come from a large, extended family, networking might be the quickest way to go.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing takes time to set up funnels and autoresponders, and then you have to go market those links. Again, that can take some time before you get paid.

Creating Niche Sites & Writing Good Content

Publishing good content on niche topics is popular, but those are long-range plans. They can take 6 months to a year to bring income, but once they are established, with 30 to 50 articles, they can quietly pump 1000-to $5000 or more a month into your account.

Offering Your Skills for one-time Gigs

Yesterday one online marketer said that he felt the fastest way to make money, was to offer your skills on some of these freelance job sites. Your skills may range from article writing, web content writing, blogging, copywriting, technical writing, editing and proofreading, and data entry, among others.

You open an account there, describe what online jobs you could do and what you would charge. Business people looking for some short-term help come to shop for a worker. They make a deal with you and you have a job. Perhaps just for day, or for some projects – for several days. The man showed that there are 100s of requests for people to do proof-reading, editing, designing logos, and so on, in sites like Fiverr, or UpWorks, Freelancer, Go Transcript, and so on. What’s more, you get paid promptly anywhere from $20 to $65/hour. You might want to also check out these sites: Fourerr, Zeerk, Guru, Gig Bucks, Five Squids, Ten Bux.

Affiliate marketing Made Extra Easy

If you are ready to start your own online business, I think right now I would zero in on a new business called UnBox. It serves as a gateway to 10-15 other popular and in-demand product lines, but you can promote all of them at once by simply giving away a gift card or discount coupon code. Once they come in and make any number of purchases in those multiple stores (also called verticles), you make commissions on all those sales.

Best of all, you earn something immediately when they sign up in UnBox, even before they have bought anything at all.

You can do the others on the side, if you wish, but this is my best suggestion for you! It is all about working from home. (I Do! Nothing hinders me from carrying on with my business(es)!) The internet is still alive and well! This pandemic will eventually fade away.

Even if you can go back to work at your old job and earn again, wouldn’t it be great to have a side business online that can cover your expenses, and eventually add a nice financial cushion?

I got word recently that UnBox which rewards me financially when someone uses the gift cards I offer, has given me a certain code to share. If you use it to sign up they will waive (discount) $99 of the signup fee, so you only end up paying $1.

Then create your own gift cards in their system, and give them away freely! It is not necessary to give away physical gift cards; just the code you assign to it. But if the recipient responds by signing up at UnBox – You will profit – even before they buy or do anything else. And when they do buy anything – as long as they are UnBox members – your make a 40% Commission!

Go to: UnBox

and enter the code: Covid-19

Once you have your account set up, and have connected your account to some of the businesses in UnBox all you need to do is set up a gift card with code in UnBox, and then give that away wherever you can. You can do that in person, or if you have a large mailing list send them the Gift Card code and your coded link to go signup at UnBox.

I’ve also found that placing free ads at various mailing list sites (some of which allow you to repeat every 3 or 5 days; it depends on that site’s rules). I set aside an hour or two a day to go post or re-post my invitation with the Gift Card code, and link, and although I don’t get word of signups every day, it is possible to build up a good income if you can get at least 3 people a month accepting your Gift Card and signing up with the code you provided.

The longest your code is good for is 30 days, so you do need to go back and create new gift cards with new codes at least once a month.

The leaders at RiseNetwork teach various methods for promoting UnBox and the most techie one, Hitesh, says that if you can draw 3 people in a month with your Gift Card codes, in about 9 months you will be drawing a handsome income. If you desire and can afford some training in marketing, I would recommend joining Rise Network, which is free.

However, the extra training webinars come in the Inner Circle, and the membership there is $47 US/month.

These 3 leaders/owners of the Rise Network have made millions on their other businesses. Their previous one, INFINii was amalgamated into UnBox, so they decided to start this program as a means of teaching others their most profitable marketing techniques.

I have found that the hardest part of an online business is to learn to do the marketing, and when you start from a zero budget, the free methods are somewhat dull/routine and time-consuming. Besides building up niche websites on the site, and tastefully placing my gift cards and some advertising in those pages where appropriate, I am also making notes on the effective paid advertising venues, so that I can use them when my budget will allow. That’s when it is time to scale up the business and perhaps set it on auto-pilot.

It depends on your efforts, but this is one of the places where your profits can come almost right away, and over the long term the possibilities are more tremendous!

If you have computer and digital skills then you might want to take on some of those gig assignments. Generally you will be paid within a day or two. UnBox income could be downloaded into your bank within a few days… it depends on how many gift cards you create and give away, and how many sign up and try them out.

I wish you an abundant prosperity!

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