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My e-book, 40 Online Business Ideas, will answer your hesitant questions and reassure you. There are many safe online businesses. This ebook takes you on a tour of a number of them and shows you their pros and cons and what would be required of you to succeed in it. Computer and online marketing skills can be LEARNED!

40 Online Business Ideas (cover)Do you find yourself ‘Wondering’ about taking up an Online Business? I did when I was a live-in caregiver for my parents; I read about computers and the internet and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was smart enough to learn to use these. Especially, since I had never been to university!

Are you thinking:

“What if I’m too naive, and get ripped off?!”

“What if I don’t have enough computer skills?”

“What kind of business would be most suitable for me?”

I am saying:

“Ah-but! What if you could make a lot of money? Would it pay to invest your time – yourself?”

Maybe you retort;  Wait, Ruth! What if I’m too old for this?

I reply: You are NOT too old; Yes, You Can!

Let me explain where I’m coming from.

You are NOT too old; Yes, You Can!

Ruth Marlene FriesenMy name is Ruth Marlene Friesen, and I’m ready to share with you what I’ve learned the slow, long way because I couldn’t afford the fine, fancy courses for quick success. Ha, but I’m the “Responsible One” who is resourceful and gets things done!

I’m not ready to retire and be idle! No-Sirr-ee! I’m on my Philanthropist career now! I’ve been called “Faithful Ruth” a long time. Now you can start calling me “Ruth, the Giver” as well.

My e-book, 40 Online Business Ideas, will answer your hesitant questions and reassure you. There are many safe online businesses. This ebook takes you on a tour of a number of them and shows you their pros and cons and what would be required of you to succeed in it. Computer and online marketing skills can be LEARNED!

I know. Because I went online later in life, (with the goal of publishing my novel). I was very tense and cautious at first. But I had the attitude: I’m going to learn this! And I did! Here I am 19 years later, and I’ve published my novel, learned to build websites, and to publish ezines or email newsletters, and – oh, so much more!

  • This e-book will take you on an introductory tour of 7 online businesses
  • It will go on to explain up to 40 ideas in total, in a broad range of topics and methods.
  • You will get the feel for what types of online businesses there are, and what is involved if you take them up. In fact, you will see ideas for businesses you never imagined possible!
  • You will discover what it takes to run a successful business – (Ps-s-s-t! It depends more on your character and commitment than on your education or experience).
  • These businesses are not plunked into your lap like an unexpected windfall or prize. You’ll see that they are opportunities for those with a strong “Work Ethic” – If you are not afraid of work you will do very well! 5 to 6 figure incomes are possible!


  • If you subscribe to my FREE eAction email list you will get regular guidance, training videos, and a chance to ask questions as you learn step by step what to do a simple business plan.
  • I will give you recommendations for good tools or programs you can use to improve your business from time time.
  • By the same token, I will warn you when I discover that some business that is NOT safe to do business with.  (I have very high Christian standards for business ethics).
  • You will develop confidence as a business person – as your skills improve and as your income rolls in!
  • You won’t need to deny yourself or your family – for lack of funds!
  • Finally, you will be able to give generously to missions and charities as you have often wished you could in the past.
  • In fact, I can visualize you training others before too long. (I think it is a sin to keep this precious knowledge to ourselves!)

A Promise:

When you reach some levels of success – I’ll even publish your testimonies right here on this page!

40 Online Business Ideas (cover)

Buying this e-book, 40 Online Business Ideas, alone – will not do anything for you. But reading it and following my counsel and advice in it will take away your timidity, fears, and lack of business knowledge. Applying that knowledge and WORKING at your business will teach and encourage you and make a productive and profitable business person out of you.

Now,  in case money is scarce for you, let me make sure you know that it is possible to earn this e-book as a prize if you go through the Scavenger Hunt (a fun way to explore the top 7 business ideas with a guide). Then answer correctly at least 2 of the 4 questions on each one, and sign up for 2 of the business programs. If you do that you have EARNED this e-book as a prize.

Hey, then you have proved you have the initiative and gumption to make and effort to learn; then I can almost guarantee you will succeed as an online business entrepreneur!

If you don’t have the time for the Scavenger Hunt – and have no trouble affording the e-book, so you can quickly download it and start reading…. then by all means, I encourage you to buy it.

It’s just … well, I have been too poor to buy e-books, even when I was SURE they would help me. So I’ve had to hunt for information and gather it from here and there, and by reading between the lines on some websites. My businesses have only begun to move forward once I could afford to pay a monthly fee, or for a quality e-book. Even now, I always think it over very carefully before I spend money. I want to be sure I am not wasteful – rather wise.

You’ve decided it is safe to buy 40 Online Business Ideas? Okay! Just click on the PayPal button, and you can use your PayPal account, or your credit card to purchase it for $39.95 Cdn. Plus 6% Provincial tax. [The total will convert to about 1/3 less in US funds because of the difference between our currencies – which fluctuate constantly.]

I could have marked it up at a higher price, and I could have found other e-books to throw in for bonuses, but I’m remembering how hard it was for me in the past when I saw prices like that.

Some business mentors say to ignore those who can’t afford to pay, as they aren’t worth your time.

Ha! I am! I’d like to give you the chance I would wish to be given. Remember Jesus’ Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I look forward to getting to know you and work with you soon!

Blessings & Thanks,


P.S.  Remember to confirm your subscription (which is free) to my eAction mailing list. That’s where you get the training tips and I’ll let you know when I come across other great money-making deals.

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