Best Online Businesses for Your Personality Type

Best Online Businesses for Your Personality Type

Best Online Businesses for Your Personality Type

What would be the best online businesses for your personality type? We all know that different people approach a challenge, an assignment, or even a whole new business differently. So much depends on our personality types. It does not mean that you can’t take on a business that you feel a passion for, but if you are smart you’ll look for one that will get your personality all excited and eager to get to it.

Since 1999 I have explored a lot of business ideas and opportunities. I’ve tried to look at them objectively to see what it would take to succeed at each one, and who would thrive most in each setting.

So when I set up my Scavenger Hunt game to introduce various online business ideas to you, I dreamed up some guides with specific personalities that would shine through as they guide you through the first 7 ideas, so that you might intuitively pick up which businesses will capture and hold the attention of certain types of people best.

To demonstrate my theory I’ll tell you about each guide and show you which business they favour most. I may write another article to go into much more detail. I don’t want to overwhelm you here at this starting point.

The Busy Type with Many Interests

Busy Billie Jo

Busy BillieJo

Are You a Busy BillieJo? She has a very busy life, with her children, and a husband to support and encourage. But when she hears of a business opportunity or even a need for a volunteer, she is curious enough to ask some questions – and soon she has decided that she can fit this new activity into her life.

It doesn’t take long until she is volunteering at her kids’ school, and teaches a women’s class at church, and then takes on a home business which requires her to visit her friends and persuade them to host product demonstration parties for her. That means she has to stay up late to finish up the orders that came in from the first party, and deliver them personally. Then a couple of women want to learn to do what she does so they can earn money, and BillieJo cheerfully arranges to visit and mentor each one in the steps they must learn to do.

Does it make you tired just to visualize her whirling around from one thing to another?

That’s what my friends called me when they saw me holding down an office job, and also running several Childrens’ Clubs and ministries in the church. (And they didn’t even know that I was secretly writing a novel too). I guess some of us just have bright, active imaginations, and when we see a good cause, we want to be a part of it. Since we are used to multi-tasking we assume we can just fold this new task into the mix.

That may work fine at first, but in a few years we reach a point where it isn’t that easy, and we have to make some decisions. Or change our approach.

What type of online business would be best for this personality type?

One where she (or he) can be in charge, and adjust their schedule as they see fit. They don’t need someone to watch the clock for them. Leave them alone and they’ll figure out how to get it all done by over-lapping tasks.

In fact, I would warn her to stay away from networking or the MLM businesses; they eat up far too much of her time. She would find it easier to join a company where she only needs to do maybe an hour or so of placing ads, and answering emails from people she has referred who still can’t make up their minds. Then she can turn back to her busy family life.

However, if you are such a BillieJo, let me urge you to plan blocks of time into your day and week when you can just recharge your batteries, and evaluate all you are doing. Otherwise it will all collapse like a house of cards.


The Friendly Type Who Makes New Friends Easily

Friendly Frieda

Friendy Frieda

Perhaps you are like Friendly Frieda. She is so out-going and easily makes friends with anyone. Managing an online business is not terribly important, aside from the fact that she does need more income. What she does best though, is to connect with others, and find out what their needs are and then try to find a way to help them.

Here Frieda has discovered that she does best with the networking or MLM businesses. Why? Because it is very much a people orientated business. Once she understands how to present the opportunity, she does that cheerfully and enthusiastically, especially to women whom she already knows to be in financial need. It doesn’t take long and they respond to her warmth and caring and are glad to sign up.

Frieda has come to see that her weak spots are in keeping her records up to date, and in making separate, weekly appointments with six women in her downline whom she wants to help to see the products well. Fortunately, she’s just learned about webinars and has decided that she will offer group training sessions to her downline ladies, until she can afford to pay for the webinar deal. (Though she worries about losing that personal touch).


Giving Gilda Just Loves to be Generous

Giving Gilda

Giving Gilda

Do you know someone who is generous to a fault? They want to serve you food. When they give gifts, they give several at once, because they all seemed just right for you. When someone has a tragedy in the community, Giving Gilda is the first to organize a fund-raiser to help them meet expenses. If she hears of an earthquake in Haiti, she wants to fly out there to help in any way – whatever she can do.

Gilda would do far more if she only had money. She’s always broke (you can guess why, right?) But now she’s learned that it is possible to earn money with an online business. She’s ready and eager to find out if she could do that!

Which online business would be perfect for Giving Gilda? Or you, if you see yourself in her shoes?

Since everything in her heart and mind revolves around giving, rather than the detail work that a complicated business would require, I think that the UnBox business would work for her, as the main marketing idea is to give away gift cards. When the recipients use them for shopping in UnBox, she would make money, and if they spread the word, and others come to UnBox, Gilda makes more money. If she can give away at least three gift cards every month, by about the 9th month she will be making 5 to 6 figures a month. That will give her a generous fund from which she can keep giving as she is naturally inclined to do.

If she should first sign up with Rise Network, and join the Inner Circle there, Gilda would get some training in pay per click advertising, and if she wanted she could join the Market Place Coop, where she pays the owners to advertise for her. That brings a great return on the investment.

If that is an option that appeals to you, I highly recommend that you join Rise Network first, take advantage of the coupon code that gives you 50% off on your signup fee at UnBox, where you should use exactly the same signup information, so Rise can follow your success and increase your income some more.

Healthy Vera – promotes clean living & better health and wellness

Healthy Vera

Healthy Vera

Did you know that the most popular online business is in the health and wellness field? Everyone seems to need and want better health, and if they can escape paying big medical bills, they’ll gladly pay for a box full of supplements. Of course, there is much information out there, and some of us spend a lot of time hunting such information down.

Healthy Vera lives as healthy as she knows how, and likes to encourage others to do the same. So there are many options for an online business that she could get enthused about.

Certain MLMs that sell health and wellness products come to mind, such as Forever Living and VoxxLife. If Vera doesn’t want all the physical work that is involved in showing her products and explaining them over and over again, and then ordering and delivering orders, and training her downline members to do well too, then she could take another tactic.

Many interesting health and wellness products are sold as affiliate products. You do not need to keep any stock on hand, or demonstrate the items at home parties, or in hotel meetings. You can build a website about some health and wellness topic and insert coded links to the affiliate product on the owner’s website, where there is a nice long sales page to convince people to buy. When they do, you – as the referring affiliate – get a commission. The coded link from your website tells the owner of the product in question, who sent that paying customer.

Some people who don’t want to bother with website building just pay for ads to the affiliate link – perhaps on Google or Bing, or other places where you are allowed to place such ads. This may sound super easy. But there is fierce competition between affiliates, and so you may need to study up on the best approaches.

How do you find such affiliate products? Well, there are a number of Ad Networks that provide your coded links and images. Most are free to join, but there are pros and cons. It pays to do some research, or ask those who are more experienced. Personally, I believe that building a good niche information site about a wellness topic and adding your affiliate link is the least expensive and the best method in the end.

Of course, it helps if you are a writer at heart. 🙂


Idle Ida is Lazy and Wants Short-cuts

Idle IdaMae

Idle IdaMae

It’s a temptation to say Idle Ida embarrasses me, and to leave her out. But you may identify with her and wonder if there is any online business idea that would work for you. Well… okay, there are some that so simple there is almost nothing for you to do – but sign up and pay.

The problem is most of them are scams. If they are so easy, and they promise to do ALL the work for you, there is usually a catch. I have signed up for a few thinking, “If this is legit, it would be great for a certain handicapped friend!” However, it usually turns out that they want you to do a lot of advertising (on your dime of course!) If they promise to do all your advertising for you, there is a huge fee to pay to join.

I would recommend extreme caution if you sign up with such an “offer” and keep alert in case you lose your skin. But if you have lots of money, you might just find one that does pay you back well.

Really, I’d rather you join a safer business and be prepared to do some work.

Mind you, when you choose a guide to show you the seven online businesses – you might want to choose Idle Ida, because when you see how she chatters and gives away how lazy she is, you will find it funny enough to show you how foolish that is.


Money Millie Knows & Craves Money!

Money Millie

Money Millie

If you are like Money Millie, you have handled and thought about money so much that your life revolves around it, and you are hooked. You crave money, even if you have trouble keeping it. Maybe you know more about money and ways to get it than seven other people put together.

I long to talk to you first about priorities and getting a pure heart. But maybe we need to do that in person.

It is true that there are hundreds – even thousands of ways to make money online, but I hope that for all your excellent focus and singleness of purpose, you will guard your heart from rash decisions. Check with others before you leap, because they may see cautions that you don’t, and can save you from falling for a dreadful trap.

If your mind and heart is sanctified, you may find that your ability to focus on earning money makes you very effective. Have compassion and teach others the steps to earn a good income. Especially those who seem to be fumbling hopelessly.


Writing Rita Discovers the Internet to be a Writer’s Paradise!

Writing Rita

Writing Rita

The Scavenger Hunt Guide, Writing Rita, has discovered what I learned soon after I went online – my first goal being to find out how I could publish my novel that had been 30 years in process. Before long I learned that for almost everything, writing skills were in huge demand. Websites needed good writers to create the content pages and email list owners needed someone craft their emails; advertisers

needed good copy writers to write their ads for them (paying thousands of dollars for 20 minutes of work on one sales letter!)

I began to see the internet as a writer’s paradise! Now I could see why God had made me so unique! I confess that I was probably slowed down because I was eager to try out too many things at once. But whew! Have I ever picked up a lot of knowledge over these 20 years online! The more I write the more I marvel at God’s design for my life as there was that long period as my parents’ caregiver when I burned to write and there seemed to be no way to get published.

So, while I identify with Giving Gilda for my motives, I find my fulfillment in writing, as Rita does. (And she’s just starting out 🙂 )

If you need to write – the way you need to breathe, I tell you, if you can get organized time-wise and in your business methods, you will find more opportunities than you can or want to take on! Don’t just reach for the quick and easy cash, but take on the challenge of writing an excellent web business site. Or two or three… Your articles, your ad-copy, your emails will make you friends and customers just about every way you turn!


Project Porcia Knows Things Happen When You Work Your Plan

Project Porcia

Project Porcia

Are you the person who knows that nothing of any value happens unless you make a plan – and work that plan?

Then you will understand why Project Porcia succeeds at her online business efforts. She tries to grasp the basic principles of the business idea, and what it will take to make it turn a profit. Next she plots how she will operate her version of the business and what steps she must take, and make room for in her life. If there is a gap where she has no experience, she hunts down the how-to information, and starts doing it, working her plan methodically.

Some online business ideas call for a certain amount of creativity, but most of them are largely doing routine steps on a regular basis without fail. Even creative ideas will come to you regularly if you tell your mind that it must produce them on demand. So a self-disciplined person who is able to be a strong self-boss (that can be accomplished with a light and cheerful spirit, you know) – that person is going to succeed sooner or later. It is inevitable.

So which businesses does Porcia run?

She thrives at promoting MLSP info and training products, and she has taken on UnBox, using Rise Network’s Inner Circle for more training, and she is watching for friends with the right creative skills in video work. When she finds some good partners, she wants to try running some TV channels through LiveCast365. I can hardly wait to see what she puts together there!

How are you are creating plan for getting your goals accomplish and then sticking at your plan with firm resolve and faithfulness? If you do that well, I can pretty well guarantee that you will succeed at any online business you take up. Even several at once! You may choose your online business based on your emotional interests, but if you are focused and disciplined about making a plan and working it, you may even try others and find you have the touch that turns a profit with them too.

There. You have just met the eight guides who stand ready to guide you through the Scavenger Hunt to find out more about 7 online businesses and see what it would take if you were to take that business on. Of course, you have to choose a guide before you begin, but if you find that one disappointing, you can always come back and go through the Scavenger Hunt game again with a different guide.

While you are at the page for a certain business, you may get to see a video that explains how it works, or you may get to explore the whole site. Take your time to do so. Because when you are finished there are 4 questions to answer about that business. If you have paid attention you will know those answers

If you get at least half – that’s 2 questions answered correctly after each business, They only need to get 2 questions answered correctly for each business visited, and they need to sign up for one business idea and one tool to make it work. Each one who meets those qualifications wins the prize. You will qualify for a free download of the prize e-book, “40 Online Business Ideas.” That will give you many more ideas to consider. You may do more research on them online in your own way and on your own time. That way, before you go sign up anywhere, you will have a clear idea of what to expect and what you must do to succeed in that business.

Ready? Start the Scavenger Hunt here!

Yes, the game is all FREE.

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